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Life at Christina Kent in the Early Days


Exploration of Christina Kent historical records turned up these interesting items:


1920’s — During the winter, each coal dealer donated a ton of coal

The nursery is in need of a large, airy sleeping porch.

1930’s — From November 15 to June 15 (1936) the Nursery cares for a total of 6,206 children from 7:00 until 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday. Clean beds are provided for daily naps. Cod liver oil and plenty of milk are included in each child’s diet.  The Nursery takes a personal interest in every child and its need, and tries to assist in bettering home conditions when possible. A Christmas tree and party, and an Easter Egg hunt re annual events.

1940’s — Our staff of 11 works 9 hours a day – the hours are staggered as we open at 7:30 am and close at 6:00 pm. This is enforced. We accept very low salaries as it is necessary but we feel we are helping do our share in the war effort.

75% of our children’s parents are in the war effort.

We serve 10 drops of cod liver oil and cereal , milk, and fruit juice as breakfast. We serve a full, balanced meal at 11:15, then put all the children to nap until 3:00 pm when milk and crackers are served. Children play in the yard after naps.

Sample noon dinner menu:         Liver, mashed potatoes, cooked cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes chopped, bread and butter, canned pineapple. Yum!