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Support Christina Kent Early Childhood Center

At Christina Kent, we work continuously to bridge the gap between what our families can pay, what State funding provides, and what it costs to deliver our high quality early childhood educational program. We bridge the gap with grants, fundraising events, and donations.
The annual cost for one child in the Christina Kent program is $9,887, or $823 per month. We work to keep our costs to a minimum, and yet most of our parents can pay only a fraction of the full amount. We rely on generous donors to supplement our income, so we can continue to offer our high quality program.

Ways you can give:

  • Annual Donation – Whether at year end, or anytime during the year, your generous donation is an important part of our operating budget.
  • Monthly donation. Your monthly donation can yield a significant annual total. You can arrangeyour donation through the PayPal button below and chose your own date.

Amount I’d Like to Donate Each Year Multiplied by 12 Months Monthly Donation Amount
$1,000 12 $83.33
$900 12 $75.00
$800 12 $66.67
$700 12 $58.33
$600 12 $50.00
$500 12 $41.67
$400 12 $33.33
$300 12 $25.00
$200 12 $16.67
$120 12 $10.00


What your donation can do for our children:

  • $1.00 a week ($52.00 per year) buys soil and seeds for the outdoor garden so that the kids can grow and eat their own vegetables.
  • $1.00 a day ($365.00 per year) provides the funds for two months of fresh food boxes from the Roadrunner Mobile Pantry for 20+ low-income families.
  • $5.00 a week ($260.00 per year) provides the funds for new, age-appropriate books and art supplies for the 2-year-old and 3-year old classrooms.
  • $5.00 a day ($1,825.00 per year) provides the funds to send six teachers to continuing education training to support their students’ emergent literacy.
  • $10.00 a week ($520.00 per year) provides the funds for replacing worn-out playground equipment including tricycles, helmets, balls, shovels and buckets.
  • $10.00 per day ($3,650.00)Along with parental fees,could pay the tuition for two children to attend Christina Kent for one year.


If you would like us to call or visit with you about a donation, please contact our Fundraising Committee at

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

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